Our Children

In the community where our students live, the smallest mishap can push them over the line between managing life and being unable to obtain even basic necessities. Most students live with their big families in small, unfinished dwellings. They get water from nearby hand pumps and cook over wood or dung fires. They hand down clothes for years. In most families, income is sporadic; money is a perpetual worry.  Sometimes they are forced to make decisions like whether to buy medicine for a sick child or food for dinner.  Since our students’ parents are illiterate, avenues for improving their lot in life are limited. 

Education is one real solution. We believe that if we can educate these children and give them the wisdom to use it, they will be able to break out of poverty’s grip. They will be able to get decent jobs, eat properly, receive adequate medical care, and live in proper homes. They will be able to send their own children to good schools, passing on their fortune to the next generation.

Total Student Population by Caste
Percentage of Males to Females in Total Student Population