deepa.jpgDeepa is one of nine children who live in a small two-room shelter. Neither room is walled on all four sides. She is now in 7th grade along with eleven other children.

image007.jpgExcept for the kindness of a shopkeeper, Azaad would be homeless. As it is, he sleeps in the shop. His mother died three years ago; all the hopes of his father rest on this boy.  Our school provides real hope for this family.

Our Accomplishments and Aims

In 2004, Asha Deep Vidyashram had 15-20 students, one teacher, about five books, some slates and chalk, and one rented room.  We now have writing tables and chalkboards in twelve classrooms, educational materials, textbooks, art supplies, and a 1000 book library. Just as important, we now have fourteen teachers and about 230 students who have pulled together into a caring community of people eager to teach, learn, and help each other.  As parents have begun to realize that their children are receiving good quality education, their enthusiasm for the school is growing as well as their hope for their children’s future.
Since our opening, accomplishments include:

     - Receiving accreditation from the Uttar Pradesh Board of Education (State Board).

     - Providing a nutritious lunch and longer school day for the children in grades 2-8  

     - Creating a computer lab and offering compulsory computer education in grades 2-8

     - Establishing an arts program including crafts, drawing, music, and dance

     - Staging an exciting public performance each Spring for 11 years

     - Making high school a reality for 35 of our graduates 

We look forward to changes and new opportunities in the coming years.  Our next big steps would be to build our own model school building or to open a branch to serve another needy population.